How does this work?
Many delivery apps take 30% of the order as a commission. Additionally, with delivery apps you'll notice service fees. By ordering directly, the restaurant can keep more of the money and eliminate service fees. This puts more money directly into your local restaurants and saving you money to boot!
How do I add my restaurant?
Click here. The more details you can add the faster we can get your submission up as we do this in our spare time :).
Do you make any money off the site?
Nada. We are completely non-profit. We really want this to be a community initiative. Restaurants have been hard hit and we're trying to do what we can so that, hopefully, we can enjoy them in person after the pandemic.
How can I add restaurants in my city?
We're looking for volunteers to help catalog restaurants in their city. If you think you can come up with a list of restaurants(at least 50) for your city contact us here. Please be patient as we do have full-time jobs outside of this.